Episode 88
Dan Levy

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Dan Levy has been a faculty member at Harvard University for 15 years, and currently serves as the faculty director of the Public Leadership Credential, the Harvard Kennedy School’s flagship online learning initiative. He co-founded Teachly, a website aimed at helping instructors teach more effectively and more inclusively. He is passionate about effective teaching and […]

Episode 81:
Susan Kevra

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In this episode, we’re talking with one of the participants in the Vanderbilt Online Course Design Institute, Susan Kevra, a principal senior lecturer in French who also teaches in our American studies program. Prior to this spring’s remote teaching, Susan had never taught online. She knew she would be teaching online this summer, with an […]

Episode 74:
Cliff Anderson

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In past episodes, we’ve interviewed other members of the Leading Lines podcast producer team: John Sloop, Melissa Mallon, former producer Ole Molvig, and Derek Bruff. We continue that trend in this episode with an interview with Cliff Anderson, associate university librarian for research and digital initiatives here at Vanderbilt and another Leading Lines producer. Cliff […]

Episode 73:
Robert Elliott

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In this crossover episode with the podcast We Teach Languages, Leading Lines producer Stacey Johnson talks with Robert Elliott, associate director of the Northwest Indian Language Institute at the University of Oregon. The institute works with Native American tribes to support and strengthen language preservation and revitalization efforts. Robert helps teachers of indigenous languages through […]

Episode 71:
Megan Mallon

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One of our producers, Melissa Mallon, took advantage of the holiday time to get some work done. Melissa had been wanting to interview her sister, Megan, for a little while, and since they were both home over break visiting their parents, Melissa brought along a microphone to talk with Megan in person. Melissa and Megan […]

Episode 68:
Ian Bogost

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Ian Bogost is the Ivan Allen College Distinguished Chair in Media Studies and Professor of Interactive Computing at the George Institute of Technology. He’s an author of multiple books, an award-winning game designer, and a contributing writer at The Atlantic. Ian studies games by making games and is an incredibly deep thinker about an impressively […]

Episode 62:
Chris Gilliard

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In this episode we talk with Chris Gilliard, Professor of English at Macomb Community College. His scholarship concentrates on privacy, institutional tech policy, digital redlining, and the re-inventions of discriminatory practices through data mining and algorithmic decision-making, especially as these apply to college students. Chris talks with Derek Bruff about some of the problems and […]

Episode 61:
Randall Bass

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Leading Lines kicks off season six with an interview with Randall Bass. Randy is vice provost for education and a professor in the English department at Georgetown University. He was the founding director of Georgetown’s teaching center, the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS), and one of the first educators to explore […]