Episode 71:
Megan Mallon

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One of our producers, Melissa Mallon, took advantage of the holiday time to get some work done. Melissa had been wanting to interview her sister, Megan, for a little while, and since they were both home over break visiting their parents, Melissa brought along a microphone to talk with Megan in person. Melissa and Megan […]

Episode 46:
Julia Feerrar

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In this episode, we hear from Julia Feerrar, head of digital initiatives at the Virginia Tech Libraries. She speaks with producer Melissa Mallon about a framework for digital literacy that she helped develop, a framework that includes a variety of competencies, from discovery and evaluation, to communication and creation, to identity and well-being. Julia and […]

Episode 39:
Natasha Casey and Spencer Brayton

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In this episode, the newest member of the Leading Lines team, Melissa Mallon, brings us an interview about teaching critical media literacy. The interview features Natasha Casey, a communications professor at Blackburn College in Illinois, and Spencer Brayton, library manager at Waubonsee Community College, also in Illinois. While Brayton was at Blackburn College, he and […]

Episode 37:
John Sloop

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In our last episode, we talked with Vanderbilt librarian and Leading Lines co-producer Melissa Mallon about her new book on digital literacy. As a follow up to that, this episode is an audio segment from a panel on teaching with podcasts that the Vanderbilt CFT hosted last fall. The focus of the panel was student-produced […]

Episode 16:
Jan Holmevik

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In this episode, Vanderbilt’s Associate Provost for Digital Learning John Sloop interviews Jan Holmevik, Associate Professor of English and Co-director of the Center of Excellence in Next-Generation Computing and Creativity at Clemson University. Holmevik was central in working to give the nearly 30,000 students and faculty at Clemson access to all the software tools in […]