Episode 51:
Anna Bostwick Flaming

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We’re starting our 2019 season with an interview with Anna Bostwick Flaming, associate director at the Center for Teaching in the Office of Teaching, Learning, & Technology at the University of Iowa. Anna heads up the faculty development programming for Iowa’s active learning classroom initiative, called TILE.  In the interview, Anna talks about the origin […]

Episode 41:
Bryan Dewsbury

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In this episode, we hear from Bryan Dewsbury, assistant professor of biological sciences at the University of Rhode Island. He’s incredibly passionate about student success, and he uses technology in ways that are fully supportive of his pedagogical goals. His approach to teaching introductory biology isn’t the typical one, and we are glad to have […]

Episode 38:
Stacey Roshan

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In this episode, we’re going in a slightly different direction. Since we’re here to explore the future of educational technology in higher education, we thought it would be interesting to talk with someone who is currently teaching our future students. Stacey Roshan teaches at the Bullis School, an independent K12 school outside of Washington, DC, […]

Episode 33:
D. Christopher Brooks

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In our last episode, we talked with astronomy professor Cornelia Lang about how she uses an active learning classroom in her “Big Ideas” course at the University of Iowa. In this episode, we continue talking about active learning classrooms and the roles that technologies play in supporting student learning in these spaces. At the 2017 […]

Episode 32:
Cornelia Lang

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This month, Leading Lines has a pair of episodes that look at the use of laptops in the classroom. Both episodes blow up the assumption that laptops are for notetaking, and they push back on that transmission model of college teaching. Both episodes explore the use of active learning classrooms, classrooms that are outfitted with […]

Episode 12:
Cassandra Horii

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In this episode, we feature an interview with Cassandra Horii, Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach at the California Institute for Technology. Leading Lines host Derek Bruff talked with Cassandra about a couple of the edtech projects her center is supporting at Caltech. Both projects involve making student learning visible in interesting […]