Episode 79:
Rodolfo Rego

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Rodolfo Rego is a senior instructor in the department of earth and environment at Florida International University. You may remember Rodolfo from Episode 59 of Leading Lines, about a year ago, when he shared some of his approaches for teaching earth and environmental science courses online. His courses are ones that one might think are […]

Episode 13:
Tim Foster

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This episode features an interview with Tim Foster, a graduate student in Vanderbilt’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Tim is an active member of the digital humanities community at Vanderbilt, and he has worked at the Center for Teaching, the Center for Second Language Studies, and the Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning. Last fall, Tim […]

Episode 12:
Cassandra Horii

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In this episode, we feature an interview with Cassandra Horii, Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach at the California Institute for Technology. Leading Lines host Derek Bruff talked with Cassandra about a couple of the edtech projects her center is supporting at Caltech. Both projects involve making student learning visible in interesting […]

Episode 8:
Zoe LeBlanc

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In this episode, we feature an interview with Zoe LeBlanc, a sixth-year doctoral student in history at Vanderbilt University. Zoe studies networks, ideas, and spaces in modern history, and her dissertation examines the role of Cairo, Egypt, as a hub for anti-colonial activism in Africa during the Cold War. Zoe has been a graduate fellow […]

Episode 2:
Corbette Doyle

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When we started brainstorming ideas for a new educational technology podcast, we knew we wanted to include Vanderbilt instructors who use technology in innovative ways. We talk to colleagues regularly who impress us, and we wanted to share their ideas and perspectives beyond our own campus. In this episode, we feature our first Vanderbilt guest, […]

Episode 1:
George Siemens

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George Siemens is executive director of the Learning Innovation and Networked Knowledge Research Lab at the University of Texas at Arlington. He is an internationally known expert in digital, networked, and open learning. Among his other accomplishments, he co-taught the very first massive open online courses (known as MOOCs) back in 2008. His “connectivist” MOOCs […]