Episode 109- Monica Sulecio de Alvarez

Deep learning is the kind of learning we want form our students, but it’s also the hardest kind of learning to foster in our students. In today’s episode, we hear from Monica Sulecio de Alvarez, a learning experience designer based on Guatemala.Monica has taught for ten years in higher education on how to design for complex learning in online environments, and she’s created competency-based distance learning modules for organizations in a variety of fields, including nutrition, ethics, human rights, and banking, among others. Monica is passionate about fostering deep learning in her students and helping other faculty do the same. Leading Lines producer Julaine Fowlin, our resident instructional designer at the Vanderbilt Center for Teaching, bring us this interview. Monica and Julaine talk about the differences between deep and shallow learning, as well as pedagogies and technologies we can use to move our students into deep learning.



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