Episode 97
Courtney Gamston

In this episode, Julaine Fowlin talks with Courtney Gamston, professor of the practice of experiential education at the Harrison School of Pharmacy at Auburn University. Julaine worked at the Harrison School as an instructional designer and faculty developer before coming to Vanderbilt, and she knew that her former colleague Courtney had some very interesting experiences teaching during the pandemic. Courtney works with pharmacy students who are just starting to enter clinical practice settings, helping them apply what they’ve been learning in their pharmacy courses to real patients. Given the work Courtney’s students do in clinical settings, the 2020 transition to remote teaching and learning meant she and her colleagues had to rethink how they taught their courses.

In the interview, Courtney shares some of the methods she used to keep pharmacy education experiential during the pandemic and mentions a few changes to the course that worked out so well they’ll persist when classes return to traditional settings.





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