Episode 96
Jenae Cohn

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Jenae Cohn is the director of academic technology at California State University at Sacramento and the author of a new book on digital reading from West Virginia University Press. The book is called Skim, Dive, Surface: Teaching Digital Reading. It’s a fantastic book that takes a look at reading from historical, emotional, and cognitive science […]

Episode 95:
Cathrine Hasse

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Cliff Anderson is Vanderbilt’s associate university librarian for research and digital strategy, and he’s back on the podcast interviewing another author of a fascinating book Cliff read recently. This time, he speaks with Cathrine Hasse, professor of Learning at Aarhus University in Denmark, author of the 2020 book Posthumanist Learning: What Robots and Cyborgs Teach […]

Episode 94
Stephen Kosslyn

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In October 2020, Stephen Kosslyn published a new book called Active Learning Online: Five Principles that Make Online Courses Come Alive. The book draws on Kosslyn’s experiences at Minerva, but also his very long and impressive career in higher education. He is the founder, president emeritus, and chief academic officer of Foundry College, which provides […]

Episode 91
Jesse Stommel

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Jesse Stommel is an author, speaker, and teacher with a focus on education, critical digital pedagogy, and documentary film. He’s the co-founder of the Digital Pedagogy Lab, a fantastic professional development workshop for those interested in critical digital pedagogy. He’s the co-founder of Hybrid Pedagogy, the journal of critical digital pedagogy. And he’s the co-author […]

Episode 89
Heeryoon Shin

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In this episode, we talk with Heeryoon Shin, Mellon assistant professor of Asian art at Vanderbilt University. Heeryoon participated in the Vanderbilt Center for Teaching’s summer 2020 Online Course Design Institute, or OCDI for short, and we wanted to check in with her late in the semester to see how her online courses turned out. […]

Episode 88
Dan Levy

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Dan Levy has been a faculty member at Harvard University for 15 years, and currently serves as the faculty director of the Public Leadership Credential, the Harvard Kennedy School’s flagship online learning initiative. He co-founded Teachly, a website aimed at helping instructors teach more effectively and more inclusively. He is passionate about effective teaching and […]

Episode 87
Michael Dezuanni

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Leading Lines producer, Cliff Anderson, talks with Michael Dezuanni, associate professor of communication at Queensland University of Technology in Australia, and associate director of the Digital Media Research Centre at Queensland. His research focuses on digital media, literacies, and learning in a variety of contexts, and he’s the author and editor of numerous articles and […]