Episode 71:
Megan Mallon

One of our producers, Melissa Mallon, took advantage of the holiday time to get some work done. Melissa had been wanting to interview her sister, Megan, for a little while, and since they were both home over break visiting their parents, Melissa brought along a microphone to talk with Megan in person.

Melissa and Megan have perhaps a little more in common than your typical sisters. Both are educators, Melissa as a librarian here at Vanderbilt University and Megan as a fifth grade teacher at Bluemont Elementary School in Manhattan, Kansas. Both are technologists, weaving digital and information literacy instruction in the work they do with students. Both help other teachers develop their teaching skills, Melissa working with librarians here in her capacity of director of teaching and learning at the Vanderbilt libraries and Megan working with pre-service teachers in the Masters of Arts in Teaching program at Kansas State University. And, as it happens, they’re also identical twins!

During this episode, Megan shares some stories from her experience teaching fifth graders, including the ways she introduces them to technology, and she offers some advice for college and university educators on teaching the students they’ll see in their classrooms in the coming years.


• Megan Mallon, @mallon3
• Melissa Mallon, @librarianliss
• Megan & Melissa, @mallontechtwins
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