Episode 44:
Gabriele Dillmann

In this episode, we feature an interview Stacey Johnson conducted for her podcast, We Teach Languages, with Gabriele Dillmann, associate professor of German at Denison University, a small liberal arts college in Ohio. Gabriele is the director of the Great Lakes Colleges Association’s Shared Languages Program.

The program features language courses taught at one school in the consortium that are offered to students at other schools through virtual classrooms. This makes it possible for a school like Denison to offer upper-level language courses that are often under-enrolled, as well as less commonly taught languages that wouldn’t ordinarily be available on every college campus. Gabriele shares the origin of the program, the challenges it has faced, the technology that makes it work, and the value it brings to language students.


Gabriele Dillman’s website
@gabidillmann on Twitter
Globally Connected Courses
Shared Languages Courses
We Teach Languages podcast by Stacey M. Johnson
@weteachlang on Twitter


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